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The Food Freedom


If you are striving to help your clients stick to their plans and get past their unhelpful habits, to achieve better health, this could be what you are looking for.

What's it about?

I was looking for a way to help my clients stick to the plans we set together. It was almost as frustrating for me, as it was for them, to see them motivated in their appointment but once they got home old habits crept back in. Or, even worse, to hear my clients despairing they didn't have the will power, skills or motivation and seeing this as a character flaw rather than a system flaw.

I needed something that explained to them why their current thinking wasn't working and why they continued to sabotage their own efforts, as well as provide another way for them to try.

This is what I came up with, and it's working well with my clients who are long-term, unsuccessful dieters.It's helping to give them back their self-confidence and turn them into intuitive eaters rather than dieters. Even better, they are enjoying foods they love without guilt and getting closer to achieving their health goals. 

I firmly believe a vital part of tackling the 'obesity crisis' is to re-educate people about what a healthy relationship with food looks like, so they can not only enjoy food without guilt and rebellion, but be great role models for the next generation.

#goodenough #nodiets

Lisa Renn APD

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